Microscope Architectural Conservation Services
Historic materials and building assessment & analysis

Established in 1995, Architectural Conservation Services (ACS) provides on-site and laboratory investigation, assessment, and analytical services for historic materials and buildings.

A photomicrograph of a paint sample from the Branch Avenue Bridge in Providence, RI documents the history of finishes through the structure's lifetime.

Specializing in the analysis of decorative finishes, paint, stucco, and mortar, ACS past work projects encompass an eclectic array of eras, structures, and materials that range from the vernacular to the high style - residences, service stations, railroad stations, churches, mills, opera houses, diners, and agricultural and industrial resources dating from the 17th to the 20th century.

ACS has provided analytical services for numerous preservation projects across the eastern United States including the Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT, the Joseph Smith Farmhouse in Palmyra, NY, James Madison's Montpelier in Orange, VA, and McKim, Mead, & Whites' Newport Casino in Newport, RI.

Mark Twain House

Joseph Smith Farmhouse

James Madison's Montpelier

Newport Casino