Microscope Architectural Conservation Services
Historic materials and building assessment & analysis
In-situ examination of applied finishes with 40x field microscope at c. 1755 Viets Tavern in East Granby, CT. Examining paint on a capital at Trinity Repertory Theatre in Providence, RI.

Associate Dyan Vaughan recording information at Seven Oaks, Bristol RI.

Restoring porcelain enamel panel from a 1940 Sterling Streamliner diner.

Restoring bas relief stucco panel on the Fleur de Lys building, Providence, RI.
Analyzing paint samples in the lab using a Zeiss Epi-Fluorescence Standard Microscope. Colors can be matched to commercially available coatings.

Taking mortar samples at James Renwick's "Seven Oaks" in Bristol, RI. Monitoring video of a fiberscope inspection of a chimney interior at the Athenaeum in Providence, RI.